Dear World Wide Web,

Start a blog I thought – a thought that has been lingering around my mind and been on my to-do list for almost a year! That’s right, almost A WHOLE YEAR of procrastination! BUT here it is, finally got my act together and set this baby up and here I am sat writing my first proper blog post for you willing readers.

So right about now you’re probably wondering who this blog belongs to, what this blog is about and why it’s even here.  Thankfully I have answers to provide. Who am I? A London based 22 year old graduate with an itch to engage in creative ventures who can spend hours soaking in music, eating cupcakes, planning events, feeding my pitiful addiction to Home and Away and Neighbours and reading colourful blogs.

What will you find on Pocket Full of Songs?  Take everything I’ve mentioned above, subtract Home and Away and Neighbours, add posts about films, events, reviews, live music, projects, food, musings, things worth sharing and times all that by what I hope will be a tonne of inspiration and your grand total will be what you’ll hopefully tune into when you stop by.

Why have I decided to set up this blog I hear you say? Why? Firstly, it will no doubt be a writing outlet for me.  Something I hadn’t mentioned is that I like to write, from the little to the big.  For example, if a friend sends me a five word question text, I’ll respond with a paragraph of a story in return.  On top of that I like to get stuck into bigger tasks like writing reviews, most of which I’ll post on here and other forms of creative writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing essays at uni too, not kidding.
Secondly, this blog is also going to be a way of getting me to do more, more than I usually would and to get me out of my comfort zone by getting involved in exciting things that I can then come back and report to you guys about and then hopefully encourage you all to do the same which leads me to what this blog will primarily be about.  It’ll be an area that will enable me to share things with all of you.  Things that will make you smile, things that will make you (hopefully) laugh out loud, things that get you thinking, things that make you want to get creating and things that will again hopefully be helpful to you in whatever way it can.

SO, there you have it, there are probably a number of things I’ve missed out, but I guess all this will be the main foundation for this blog.  I’m thoroughly looking forward to interacting with you guys and getting to know all of you.
Until post number two, I’ll see you all soon and I apologise in advance for my future overuse of exclamation marks!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend and Bank Holiday 🙂


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