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“And the Painted Ponies go Up and Down”


Just under two weeks ago after it rained, correction, bucketed down with rain in London, just before the sun finally decided to pay us a visit, my eyes were drawn towards, flashing lights, striking colours and vintage heavy lorries as a local common’s green grounds were taken over by Carters Steam Fair.

Based in South-East England, the famous travelling vintage fair that has been around since the late seventies, is renowned for restoring old amusements rides, showman’s wagons and trucks from 1895 to the sixties that use real mechanical organs and recently paid a visit to London.  Rides and activities include everything from The Paramount Chair-O-Plane, Dodgems, the Lighthouse Skid, Coconut Sheet, Penny Arcade, The Victory Dive Bomber, a beautiful carousel, and let us not forget the traditional funfair treats such as candyfloss for the sweet-tooth people like me!

Would love to see how this looks at night! So pweety!


IMG_6642-001I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts doo-bee-dee-doo…



My friend Ollie working on the Austin Martin ride for the toddlers!


One of the vans I’m assuming some of them lived in!



My favourite! (Photograph, not ride).


The fairs we have nowadays are great, but nothing compares to the look, the atmosphere and all round family fun that can be had at a proper steam fair and all these unique qualities is what makes Carters Steam Fair so successful.
Carters are headed to Cobham next this weekend for any of you who live around the area.

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