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Flawless Flaws – Bastille “Flaws”

Flaws.  You have them, your friends have them, the person that was sitting opposite you on the tube the other day has them but Bastille sure as heck know how to make something so problematic so pleasing to the ear and eye opening.

Having heard previous songs from Bastille prior to hearing Flaws, such as Pompeii and Bad Blood, you instinctively know that you’re going to be in for yet another haunting, catchy, pop synth, drum and beat heavy tune from the four London based musicians; and Flaws most certainly lived up to those expectations.  The single debuted at number 21 in the UK charts from their debut studio album Bad Blood, one that the band’s lead singer-songwriter Dan Smith originally recorded in his bedroom by himself.  It’s safe to say that we’re incredibly glad that the group decided to re-record the song and put in on the album.  It’s rhythmic drums and anthem like chorus are just a couple of the elements of the single that illustrates why Bastille currently reign in both the Top Ten Single and Album UK Charts.

However the most prominent thing about Flaws that was touched upon in the opening sentence of this review are the heart-searching and laid bare lyrics.  They are honest and assertive and make you think about flaws in a whole new light, from something that can be deemed a weakness and imperfection, into realising they are inevitable in all people and at times make you who you are and it’s up to you whether you want address them and deal with them or just accept them.

Nevertheless, the group’s acoustic version performed for Sofar Sounds in particular, truly depicts this through the guitar playing by Will Farquarson full of musicality and Dan Smith’s raw vocals, all showing that Bastille sound just as on point live and acoustic as well as recorded and produced in the studio.

Flaws.  You have them, your friends have them, the person that was sitting opposite you the other day has them, but this lovely tune from Bastille most certainly doesn’t.

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Round and Round

Having a song stuck in my head isn’t anything new to me at all, but ever so recently I’ve noticed that I go through phases of having a song in my head for a week then a new one again the week after, it almost always happens week by week, like the earworms are on a rota.  Sometimes they stay for longer and sometimes for less.  In fact sometimes I can go a short…very short while without having anything stuck in my head.  So something I thought I’d and make a regular post is a Song of the Week post.

These will consist of oldies that have crept back to the surface of my mind, to anything that’s recent and songs I’ve just found irritatingly catchy.  Now I must warn you, the span of the music genres I like are very diverse not to mention so are the songs that randomly get stuck in your head from time to time which can be from the weird to the wonderful, so there may be some shockers there for some of you and might not be to your particular tastes, but if I’m honest, I’m surprised sometimes too by the things that get stuck in my head, so I may as well get them stuck in yours too 🙂

I may dabble in a review of each song, or I may just post the song up without any writing at all if I think it speaks for itself.  Either way, it’ll be a fun weekly post to add to my other posts!

I already have a post lined up for the first Song of the Week which is now thankfully out of my head, though a new one has already replaced it’s position in the hopes of sticking around for the next seven days or goodness knows how long.

I will as promised also be writing non music based posts, just still trying to get to grips of everything here so bear with me folks.

Hope you’ve all had great weekends and if you’re in London like me, are happy to see a little bit of sun return to us! JOY!